Where It All Began

I’m certainly planning to post more frequently than once a month or so, but I’ve been a bit busy. Sorting through life and downsizing is hard work. Most of us have a collection of photos from before we went digital. Mine has been looming over me as I hadn’t been quite ready to take it on, but also was determined not to move the trunk of photos and all the various albums. So with the help of a bottle of wine to get started and calls to a couple of life lines I made it through.

Through this process I’m reminded of all the paths we chose and sweet memories. It’s interesting to reflect on how the seemingly simple decisions made in the present can have such an impact to shaping our life story. There are times when you just have to do what feels right and take a leap of faith. Where did it all begin?

August 2000 we had a long weekend away in Ruidoso, NM while our son was with his mamaw and papaw. At some point on this trip we decided to buy 2 backpacks at a small sporting goods boutique. We didn’t have a clue, but we set out to hike up the hills around the area. I still have one of the packs. I couldn’t tell you how many trips it went on, but I carried it for the last time to Yellowstone in May of 2016 exactly 15 yrs after our first trip to Yellowstone in May of 2001.

Prior to 2000 we were occupied by early married life, night school and then baby. We’d spend time at zoos, aquariums, museums, theme parks and sporting events, but this was different. The trip to Ruidoso was the beginning. When we got home we proceeded to buy way too much camping gear (of course we didn’t think so at the time) and between Labor Day and Thanksgiving we went on 5 tent camping trips. It makes me smile to know I still have the pictures.

In fact, one of the places we visited in 2000 was Dinosaur Valley State Park and I returned just a few weeks ago and probably walked by some of the same tracks, but that’s another story.

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